Saturday, 9 February 2013

my first post

So my first post, a bit scary but something I have wanted to do for a while.  I have been following other dressmakers blogs and they are all so inspiring and I thought I want to do that. So here goes. 

I finished my last project about a week ago a wool skirt with kick pleats to the front and back. Fabric bought in Goldhawk Road and I am already getting itchy fingers.  I want to try and use some of the fabric from my stash this year and also to refashion some of the clothes I've made that I was not happy with when completed, either because the style, fit or colour was wrong. 

I made a skirt and blouse combo a couple of years ago, in a lovely light weight wool fabric in mint green. The thing is I hated it, the fabric as I said is beautiful and the colour perfect but it made me feel like I was a bag lady but I was wearing the bag.  So a refashion is required. 

Here is the original garment.  Please excuse the creases. 

As you can see, big and baggy

Baggy sleeves

so the idea is a more fitted shirt waister style dress, either A line or pencil skirted with two darts to the waist, and a split at the back.

Next step is to decide on the pattern that I want to use, decisions decisions.
see you next time.