Thursday, 14 November 2013

Another Blouse

I bought this fabric years ago, I think it must have been all of 10 to 15 years.  I originally made it up into a gypsy style blouse with a gathered waist and neckline, as below.

I hated it, haven't a clue why though.  But it ended  in the box on top of my wardrobe.  Last month I was rummaging through said box and spied it again.  After losing all my excess weight, I have been on a jeans buying spree and still need more blouses to go with them.  This fabric is a lovely smudgy patterned viscose in all the colours that I love. I decided to adapt the pattern as below, by making it more fitted, adding 2 buttons at the back

and a tie band at the waist. It worked and I now have a lovely new blouse that pairs with so many of my jeans it will be in danger of being worn out.  The picture makes it look a lot baggier than it actually is.