Saturday, 7 September 2013


Its a truth universally acknowledged that a girl will always need more blouses, tops and hell! clothes than she already has.  So, my task for this autumn is to make more blouses and tops.  I have quite a lot of skirts, but tops and blouses are a bit lacking in my wardrobe . So the next make was this.

Since losing weight I have found that I like my clothes to be quite fitted, and this pattern suited the bill perfectly.  It is an empire line, fitted under the bust  with ever so slightly puffed sleeves. I decided to try to give it a more 40's 'make do and mend' vibe by adding collar band, self covered buttons, and sleeve band in a contrasting fabric from my stash as though I had combined two blouses to make one new one.



The pattern is one I bought quite a long time ago and starts at a size 14, I cut out a size 14 but it was a little large on me and I had to make the top quite a bit smaller and put in extra darts at the bust line, but I think it works ok.  The pattern is quite 'busy' so the darts don't really notice to most people (at least that is what I like to think).  Also, you can't see in the photos, but when putting the interfacing in the sleeve bands I stupidly used the printed edge of the interfacing completely disregarding the fact that the print would probably be visible through the dress fabric. Duh! Stupid Zora. I don't think it is too bad and if I position my arms carefully as above, most people won't notice, but at some stage in the future will have to be rectified because I can see it and remaining in this position for any length of time is quite wearing.

The blouse is just what I wanted.  Smart enough for work, but also suitable for a more casual event. with jeans or a skirt. I think I will probably make this pattern again.  Maybe with longer sleeves for the autumn and winter.

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