Tuesday, 5 March 2013

So I've finished the dress.  Here it is.  please excuse the not so good photo,I need to work on that.

for some reason the buttons remind me of liquorice allsorts.

It took a bit longer to refashion than i anticipated but I am really pleased with it, it fits just how I like it and is generally a much nicer garment than the original.


  1. The fit looks good on you :)
    Are the buttons down the front New? I don't remember seeing them in your earlier post pics.

    1. Hi Claire yes they are, we've got a small button shop opened recently in the small town where I live. Trying to support independent businesses as much as possible.

    2. Ahhh... good (at least I know I don't need to get myself down to Specsavers soon ;) ).
      Nice about the button shop - v. handy might save you time for some last minute projects - do they stick thread too, as that would be v. cool for you too.

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