Sunday, 21 April 2013

Silver and Grey

Hi to everyone out there.  Been a while since I last posted, I've had problems with the laptop, but it's been to the doctors and hopefully has received enough medical
treatment so that I can avoid the trauma of being computerless for  a while and carry on learning about the blogging world.

I've been busy reading blogs, sewing and knitting over the last month.  I have just completed a cardigan style jacket with some fabric that I bought in Walthamstow Market back in the depths of February, when I participated in my first meet up.  Bought from the man outside Sainsburys it is a grey woollen fabric with a slight stretch to it.  When I bought it the stallholder assured me it was 100% wool, I don't know if that is true but it is a lovely fabric, very warm and soft.

I wanted to make a jacket for work in a cardigan style, that was smart, easy to wear but at
the same time something a bit different. I decided on the jacket from this pattern and to make it
different I thought I would put the seams on the outside and zig zag them in silver metallic thread.  

The fabric handled and made up beautifully, although it did fray quite a bit.

Here is the finished jacket, it is warm, practical and  different enough from anything I could buy, to make it interesting.  I also put metal buttons on it to co - ordinate with the metallic thread.

Here is the hem, edged in silver metallic thread and me wearing the jacket but not in work clothes.  I generally look far more formal than this for work.

I am still learning about how to edit, take photos and publish on blogger so please
bear with me while I complete this steep learning curve.  I did not want the next photo to appear but could not work out how to delete it and eventually got fed up with trying.  It is a beautiful day out there and I want to go out and enjoy it before it before the sun disappears and we revert to winter again.

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  1. I like it loads Zora - you should def. make a few more, they're a wardrobe staple really!

    I need to make one of those for myself... I've got some black ponte roma (at least I think it's ponte LOL) waiting in stash for me to make into a cardi-style top - I'm thinking of copying Zoe's style (Saint Cardigan) as I have the same book as her - so it should be pretty straight forward.