Monday, 29 April 2013

A morning in the garden

I had a day off work today and as the weather forecast was favorable, so I decided to spend some time in the garden.  I used to have an allotment when B was little and grew a lot of our vegetables and fruit.  I gave it up some time ago as it became to  difficult to to tend when I began to work full time and we never managed to eat everything I produced either.  I thought that I would grow more at home but last years summer put paid to that.  This year I have decided to just grow a few tomato plants to make chutney with and use throughout the summer and concentrate more on the flowers.
I sowed several varieties today:
Outdoor Girl
Balcony Yellow.

I will let you know how it goes.

I also deadheaded some of the early daffs that had gone over and split up some Zinnia, and Phlox Tapestry that were becoming overcrowded in their seed pots.  The garden is really coming to life now, the Forsythia is putting out flowers.

the primroses look really colorful and the forget me nots are a patches of blue. All the shrubs are putting on strong growth and buds are beginning to show on some of the earlier ones.

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