Sunday, 5 May 2013

May Bank holiday in the garden

Well the weather forecasters did not get it  totally wrong.  Saturday started off to be a beautiful morning, bright sunshine, blue skies it even felt warm.  So what do I do, I put on a denim skirt, summer blouse, summer flats and a jacket, and went for a walk.  What happened the heavens opened.  Not a good start to my gardening weekend.

Anyway when I got home (drenched) the heavy rain had turned to showers and I could duck them and do some gardening.  first up splitting up some of my Nasturtiums.  I had sowed several varieties:
Empress of India
Strawberries and Cream

Empress India - This is the seed packet, It is a bright red.  I have grown flowers before that promise to be bright red and they are more of a dark red.  It's really difficult to dark red in bright sunlight. But the flowers on the seed packet look very vibrant.
Strawberries and Cream - Looks lovely on the seed packet, let's see what it looks like in the flesh (so to speak).

Milkmaid - I grew this last year.  Very strange the packet said that they would grow approximately 10 "high.  Yes, this is true but some of them had retained their climbing genes and I ended up with a pot of Nasturtium that were 6 foot high, lovely, yes,  but not what I had expected.

Just to point out, I was wearing a winter weight padded jacket whilst in the garden, so much for the warm sunny weather. I just about finished, and the heavens opened again, and it was windy and cold.  So I went inside, made a cup of coffee and watched the rain beat against the window pane.  Later I potted on the Nemesia and the Mignonette.  I have never grown these before, so am looking forward to seeing their
 performance.  Here are the seed packets.

Just as a footnote, by the time I was ready to sit down cook myself some dinner and relax for the evening, the rain had turned to sunshine and it was a lovely evening

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