Monday, 6 May 2013

Sunday May 5 2013

Sunday May 5

I love Sundays, especially the mornings.  It's just that feeling of everything being more relaxed.  I am an early bird, so always up and about by early, especially at the weekends I think it is the excitement of having a whole day that I get to decide what I do.  For me on a Sunday that is the best time of the day.  Everybody is still asleep, it is quiet, yesterday, it was a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky and remarkably not windy.  The forecasters said that it was going to be a sunshiny, warm, day.

Jobs for today are splitting up more seedlings and attempting a tidy up of the borders.  So to start, seedlings to split up are Lobelia,  I use the old favorites, Crystal Palace and Sapphire Pendula.  Then I split up some HHA Asters, some more Phlox Tapestry,  and some Anntirinum dwarf bedding.

I am still in the process of tidying the garden after last years dreadful weather and the long winter.  I planted a pale pink shrubby Potentilla I bought last year. I put it in dappled shade in a dryish part of the garden on a slope.  Although Potentilla likes the sun, I have found the flowers tend to fade in bright sunlight.  I split some white Iris last year and grew some Lupins and Aquiligia from seed, I have planted these as companions for my Potentilla.  I also planted a small rhubarb plant.

I have sprayed the weeds with weedkiller.  so hopefully they will die soon.

I then went into my train wreck front garden. Although I love this garden, and it gets the evening sunlight,  but for some reason I am not so keen to work it as the back garden.  Possibly because the Berberis I
planted some years ago is not quite high enough to provide me with total seclusion, but it is getting there.  When, digging the borders I cannot now be seen by passers by, but I can see them, just how I like the it.  I  did some weeding.  The soil is deep and loamy, but very free draining. A good soil, but even so it was very hard we have not had a lot of rain recently.

Absolutely shattered by the end of the day, so indoors to have dinner and watch a film.

Some Honesty, and Wallflower Aurora, I grew from seed last year.

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