Monday, 13 May 2013

blowy sunday in the garden

I am on holiday this week, and one of my major tasks is to keep up with the gardening, as well as finishing some of the dressmaking projects that I currently have on the go. I still have loads of baby plants to pot up and nurture and still clearing and tidying to do.   This is the top terrace as it is at the moment.  It needs a lot of work and I am hoping to start today.

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Some of the seeds that need to be potted on

 Petunia Limoncello

I also have loads of hardy annuals ready to be put into their final resting places.  The weather is warm enough  now at night.  

My favorite photo on this shoot is this one

My learning curve continues as you can see with this photo, I am an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to photography, as this photo proves.  I use my smartphone to download the images and have just added an panoramic app to my phone.  This is my third attempt at a panoramic photo.  Not sure about it really, as you can tell from the messy join. but I will persevere and see how I get on.  

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