Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May Day in the garden


What a glorious day, as usual I was up and about early.  I did some housework, then I pinned up a new jacket that I am making.  Then back to the garden.  Another list:
To sow:

Clarkia Elegans

Sweet Pea Winston Churchill

Nemophilia 5 spot
Nemophilia Baby Blue Eyes

Virginian Stock

Poppy Ruby Bonanza

Calendula Fiesta

Californian Poppy Summer Sorbet

and last but definitely not least Night Scented Stock, I have not taken a photo of this seed packet because to be honest during the day time the flowers are nondescript at best.  BUT in the evening, they open out to a luminous pale purple and the scent is heavenly.  I have grown them every year for as long as I can remember for the scent alone.

I also had to continue tidying the front garden.  I took off some of the dead wood from the hardy fuschia and the Lavender.  I planted Escallonia Apple Blossom in a gap at the front of the garden for more privacy.  I have this Escallonia in the back garden as well it is pale pink summer flowering and evergreen, Its eventual height and spread will be enough to give me a good sized hedge.  I also have a white Escallonia in my back garden  which is magnificent in early summer,  its height is and spread is approx 6ft X 6ft

In the back garden, I planted a Hydrangea in a dappled part of the garden accompanied by a Lupin, I grew from seed  I also planted another Lupin in another border.

I potted up a pink Marguerite, a cutting of Lonicera Fragrantissima (winter Honeysuckle) and a Chaenomoles Pink Lady, both potentially destined for the front garden.

I weeded the top terrace so it is less like a train wreck, I have a picture in my mind of how I want this secluded part of the garden to look.  It gets very warm as it gets the afternoon sun from lunchtime onwards and would make a lovely summer evening garden.

The day was very peaceful, it was beautiful weather barely any cloud all day and windless.  All in all a perfect May Day bank holiday.

I leave with some more photos of my favorites over this bank holiday.

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