Monday, 27 May 2013

Whitsun in the garden- pruning and planting

Although the weather forercast for this weekend earlier on last week was not good, It actually turned out to be quite a nice weekend.  Saturday was a bit blowy, but Sunday and Monday have been glorious. As usual there is plenty to do in the garden.  My forsythia needed pruning, the best time to prune Forsythia is immediately after flowering, so out come the secateurs.

Forsythia In Flower earlier in the year

Forsythia before pruning
Forsythia after pruning

As you can see I have left a bit of the height, to give a little privacy to the other end of the garden.

I potted on some more hardy annuals that I sowed to flower later in the summer and I have started to plant up my troughs and concrete and terracotta pots.

I have started to plant my hardy annuals in the garden.  I put some cornflowers, some virginian Stock, and some Nasturtium India in the front garden.  Its a bit difficult because the bulb leaves have not yet died down properly, and I need to leave the leaves as much as possible to maximise next years flowers. The Brooms (I think I have both the  Genista and Cystisus varieties), the perenial flowering strawberries (Fragaria) , and the Heuchera are all flowering in my front garden at the moment.

Heuchera and Forget me Nots

This time of year is lovely in the garden, so much is happening. There is something new to see every day.  its even better if the weather is kind to us.

Fragaria and Ajuga

The front Garden 

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