Tuesday, 23 April 2013

When I originally began writing the blog, my intention was to incorporate some gardening into it, gardening being my other major hobby.  Unfortunately, British weather has been against me for what seems like ever.  Here are some photos of some of my borders before I started work on them.  You can see, I need to do quite a lot to make the garden look even presentable for 2013.

Then last weekend we finally had some real gardening weather.  A big
yellow sphere in the sky that has not been seen for a while, made me feel the garden was calling to me. I had already sown some seeds back at the beginning of April, between snow showers and they were beginning to show signs of needing new accommodation. The seeds I have sown are:
Lobelia upright and pendula
Phlox  HHA Tapestry (Johnsons)
Candytuft (Thompson & Morgan and Suttons)
Rudbekia HHA (Thompson & Morgan)
Nasturtium (Thompson & Morgan and Suttons)
Virginian Stock (Suttons)
Clarkia (Suttons)
Sweet Pea (Thompson & Morgan)
Godetia (Suttons)
Dwarf Cornflower
Ten Week Stock
Dwarf Aster
Tall Cornflower

I don't have a full sized greenhouse, just one of the little mini greenhouses.  This is it after potting up my babies.  Now I have to keep them alive and away from slugs until I can put them in their final resting places.

I also have to go through the rigmarole of taking out and bringing in the pelargoniums every
morning and evening for the next couple of weeks.

Anyway some photos now of the garden as it stands now before more work is done.

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