Sunday, 7 July 2013

mint green spots

I love polka dots and I love mint green or jade or turquoise.  I made this garment several years ago from some poly cotton fabric bought at Walthamstow Market. I made it without sleeves and never liked it, so resolved to alter it some day.  Consequently it went into the 'clothes to be altered box' for attention some time in the future.  Well the future is here now, enough time has passed since I made the original garment for me to be inclined to refashion it.   I bought loads of this fabric, and could combine this blouse with some more fabric to make a dress, but I decided to stick with the blouse and put some short sleeves on it and some ribbon.  The rest of the fabric will be made into a skirt.  I can wear the two together to give the illusion of a dress whenever I feel a dress moment coming on.

I made covered buttons in this instance.  I love this blouse now and wear it often.  I will eventually get around to making the rest up into a skirt so the two can be worn together.  If I can buy some more I probably would because this fabric is so versatile.


  1. Great rescue :)! I hate to think of the UFOs lurking in my 'clothes to be altered box' (it's hiding in my loft hehe).

    1. I am trying very hard not to buy too much more fabric because I have so much to alter and make up, but I am not very successful at not buying fabric. Oh well I do like looking at it.