Sunday, 11 August 2013

Goldhawk Road

A bit late I know but this week has been so busy.  The Goldhawk Road meet up, well what can I say that has not already been said.  I love it here, but it is a fabric shoppers paradise so that is a forgone conclusion.  The Goldhawk Road area is under threat of demolition, so if you can join their facebook page please do as it would be such a shame to lose this area of London to the developers.

I have only been going to Goldhawk Road for a year or two, didn't realise it existed until I 'googled' fabric shopping in london, then I found out about the on line sewing community and that was it, I had to go.  What a revelation, such beautiful fabrics and so reasonably priced, all in such close proximity to each other.

Anyway, the meet up.  First decision,  fretted about all week, what to wear?.  The weather had been really kind all week, and I had been on annual leave.  I had just about finished this dress,

but it was not certain we would be able to find a lunchtime venue and we may have been able to have a picnic.  I love picnics, but this dress is actually quite fitted and was not sure it would hold up to lazing around on grass, and it has a white background. So after uuming and aahing for a few days, I decided to make another dress.

I had some left over lightweight cotton, in a Pucci inspired print that I bought as an end of roll at Walthamstow Market years ago and I thought it would be perfect for a more casual lunch and possible lazing on grass, and it is a blue/green background.

The pattern is another old one, a gypsy style that is loose with a elasticated, shirred waist for a bit of fit.  Another bonus with this pattern is that the design of the fabric is not disturbed in any way.

This was such an easy make, very little fitting, just a bit of decision to be made regarding the placement of the casing for the waist elastic.  I have learnt from past experience of  making in this this style to place the casing just a touch lower than my natural waist to account for natural movement, perfect for a picnic.

I had a fabulous day in Goldhawk Road,  thanks to Claire  We had a lovely lunch at Liz's cafe in the end and much swapping was done.  Photos, already covered elsewhere in the blogosphere. 

As I said I was very restrained, I try to limit my fabric buying now,  as I have quite a stash.  Although after reading some of the posts from 'diary of a sewing fanatic' and seeing her pictures, I realise my stash is small fry really.  I evenutually bought a length of fabric for a bag.  It is a light weight cotton and will have to be backed with some calico, but I could not resist it, look it has pictures of cotton reels,thimbles and pairs of scissors.

and two lengths of dress fabric.


 I have just read Katie's latest post and I really fancy a gathered jersey pencil skirt, and I think this fabric would be perfect, so am going to wait for her tutorial.

  I also paid a visit to the market, I have a few cushions that need an inside cover so bought quite a bit of lining fabric for them and some polycotton to line summer dresses. Then home when all the shops had closed happy and exhausted at the end of a wonderful day.

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  1. Wish I'd seen that 'dressmakers' fabric - would have had some of that! Look forward to catching up with you at the next swap/meet.