Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer dresses

What a summer, most of the time the weather has been glorious, and the summer dresses have been out in force.  I have had this pattern a number of years and first made it up several years ago.  I love the empire line, I think it is very flattering.  As I have previously said, I have lost a bit of weight this year.  Luckily, I tried the original dress on and found it to be too big so I decided to make this version a size smaller. I have several lengths of bright poly cotton in my stash and thought that I would make another summer dress.  Although theoretically, it is coming to the end of the summer , I am hoping that we get a few more weeks of warm sunny weather enough for me to wear this dress.

Anyway here is the pattern


I had some grey/blue Broderie Anglaise left over from a previous project that picked up the colours in the fabric perfectly.  So I made my own bias binding to go around the neckline.

Here is the dress at the halfway stage before the addition of the lining and finishing off.

and here is the finished article, with me looking a bit bemused about it all.  I love the dress though it is so easy to wear.


  1. Lovely dress m'dear! Maybe it took a while for this pattern to get made-up, as it's taken a while for the weather to decide to give us a "proper" summer in the UK for the first time in years ;) ?

  2. I love the fabric you chose! Have you made the jacket that comes with the pattern?

    1. Hi Zoe, not yet but I will do eventually. it is a classic pattern and I think will be fairly easy to wear.

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  4. Your dress looks very flattering on you and very summery - it looks like we may have a few more weeks of good weather so you can get to wear it.

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