Sunday, 14 July 2013

The garden in high summer

What a glorious week.  The weather has been absolutely fantastic, but it is still quite windy on the coast the combination of wind and hot sun can be devastating so  I am so glad that I use water retaining granules, they have really helped the pots to retain moisture.  Because I use a lot of pots and annuals my garden is flowering its little heart out now.  I am really pleased with the seeds that I sowed earlier on in the year.  The only ones that did not germinate were the Sweet Peas 'Winston Churchill'.

I also overwintered some Begonia's I bought 2 years ago.  They were quite were quite expensive tubers so I did my best not to lose them.  This is the earlier flowering one this year.

I think that I may buy some more tubers next year
Then of course, there are the Pelargoniums.  Incredibly useful plants, flowering all summer long.  They start at the end of May and just keep going.  Again, cuttings overwintered in my conservatory.

Although the work in the garden is less intense now, there are still jobs to be done.  Mainly it is cutting back all the shrubs eg. Ceanothus and earlier flowering hardy perennials such as hardy Geraniums and Peonies which are over now.

Photos of the week are the Nasturtiums which are doing brilliantly, they are so bright and colourful and they quite quick to flower. My only very very slight quibble with them is that the height sizes do fluctuate.  I bought Nasturium Milkmaid and Empress of India, the seed packet says 10" to 12", look at this.

Definitely not 10" to 12", but stunning anyway.

Hope you all have a good gardening week.

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  1. Wow your garden looks so pretty and colourful! I'm afraid my garden has been quite neglected recently... (too much sewing to do!)