Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday May 18 2013

Brighton Meet Up.

So up with the larks, no problem for me, out of the door at 6 30 am to catch the 6 56 to Brighton.  I did not have to leave this early but a day out is a day out might as well make the most of it.  2 1/2 hours later, I am at Brighton Station.

The meet up was not scheduled to begin till 1130 so I had an hour or so to acclimatize myself.  I had been in Brighton for approx 20 mins when I decided that If I had to move house then Brighton it would have be. London by the Sea perfect!  Lots of shops, lots of history, lots of character and I could get to London easily if needed.  Anyway I digress.  Back to meet up.  I met Claire (Sew Incidentally) at the prearranged time.  Organised as ever she produced a map out of her trolley for us to follow.  We waited for Jo and then proceeded to our eating/swapping destination.  The meet up coincided with Brighton Fringe festival and the town was packed, we passed street dancers, Shakespearean actors and crowds and crowds of people, all looking to have a good time in the sunshine.

We walked down a street with a fleamarket taking place.  Now my house is an ongoing project.  My taste is towards upcyling as much as I can.  But just recently I had run out of inspiration for my kitchen.  I had an idea that ultimately did not work.  (there will be another post about my kitchen in the future).  Whilst walking through the  fleamarket I saw some chairs covered in old sacks, and my passing thought was ooh. I could do something like that and it's just the style that I like.  Then a few yards down the street I spied this stall.

Well what can I say I bought two.  How I am going to use them is still to be finalised.  But I am thinking cushion covers for the kitchen.

We ate at All Bar One.

After eating and swapping we proceeded to fabric shopping.  First up was New Fabric Fair,  I did not buy anything here.  Then to Ditto.  A crowded shop quite small, but fantastic fabric.  I bought this one, again for housing projects.

After this shop, we had a look in a couple of the numerous independent shops around the area, (this place is heaven for committed shoppers who like to shop at independent shops), then to the Brighton Sewing Centre where I bought these two giant ric rac braidings,

and some buttons.
I have ideas for these to complete projects I am currently working on.

Oh and I must not forget to mention the shoes, I bought.   Look aren't they gorgeous.

All in All,  I had a lovely day, thanks to Claire for organising it.


  1. It was really great to meet you and sorry I had to rush off, I had a fabulous time. Gutted I had to miss the fabric shops - I see you got some of the big ric rac in the end. can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. It was great to meet you too Jo, I also hope we get to meet again at other meetups.

  2. Thanks so much again for coming Zora - it was fab to meet you again. I'm really glad you're coming to the Birmingham one too :)!