Sunday, 23 June 2013

Afternoon Tea at Eastwell Manor Ashford Kent

What a difference a few days make.  I signed up to go for afternoon tea at Eastwell Manor in Ashford a month or so ago with a group of approximately 10 ladies.  Eastwell Manor is an old country house hotel and I had been hoping to wear one of the pretty summer dresses that I have made and not worn a lot.

The beginning of the week was lovely, it felt like summer had begun and summer dresses abounded on the streets of Kent. What a difference a few days makes. Today I donned, a camisole, a long sleeved t shirt, tights, the dress, a cardigan, proper shoes, a raincoat, and a scarf.  Oh must not forget the cap and umbrella!  drrr. British weather.

Anyway off my soapbox and onto the hotel.  As I said Eastwell Manor is an old country house hotel.  It is set in the sort rolling fields reminiscent of a Constable landscape painting.

If you ignore the cars and street lamps and any other reminders of the 21st Century.  Oh and  I am still working on panorama photographs, so apologies for that.

The interior is beautiful, I arrived early, ordered a coffee and sat in a little nook to read   The coffee arrived quickly, in a 2 1/2 cup cafetiere, with a pretty china cup and saucer.  Not something that I am used to as usually coffee is served in a standard issue mug.  This was so much more elegant.

This is the lounge and reception area as you walk into the hotel.

Afternoon tea was served promptly at 3 pm, in this room.

It consisted of a round of finger sandwiches, one smoked salmon, one egg, one ham and a herby mayonaisse, and one cheese, 2 freshly made scones with jam and clotted cream, and 3 cakes.  My only gripe (if it can be called that) is that one of the selection of cakes was a cup cake.  Now I know cup cakes look very pretty, but what happened to traditional British fairy cakes.  It would be nice to see fairy cakes on some menus again.

It was a lovely afternoon, the service was friendly, efficient, and prompt.  The setting and interior was spectacular and I met up with some lovely ladies whom I had met earlier in the year and made some new friends.

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