Saturday, 8 June 2013

linen and binding

This is yet another skirt made with fabric from Walthamstow Market.  Bought several years ago, I originally made the skirt up to take on a holiday with me to Turkey.  The skirt did not get worn at all in Turkey because it was just too hot and when I returned the weather took a turn for the worst in Britain, so I did not wear it at home either.  I think that possibly the reason it has not been worn much is that I just did not like it. I did not  wear it at all last year for various reasons.  So this year I decided to refashion it slightly. I originally made it with an elasticated waist, so my first alteration was to take the elastic out and put some darts in.  This meant that I had to unpick the binding down the front.

I have also lost a bit of weight and like a lot of my other clothes it was just too big, so I took the seams in as well.  I then made it a bit shorter so that it felt a bit more on trend.

This is what I have ended up with

It is a simple skirt, but very easy to wear, and I am hoping relatively cool if we ever get any hot and sunny weather.

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