Saturday, 8 June 2013

Lunch at Googies

Had a brilliant day today.  A few months ago, I decided that my social life was severely lacking in social.  I have made a conscious decision to 'get out more' as they say and connected with some old friends, I had also recently acquired a second hand laptop and decided to use it to help improve the situation.  I joined some meet up groups and have made lots of lovely new friends.  This weekend I met up with some of them for lunch at a cafe/restaurant on the South East Coast in Folkestone.  The weather on the day was similar to that all week, glorious azure blue sky all day, not a rain cloud in sight, but and its a big BUT the wind felt like it was gale force.  Still those of us that met up for lunch went to this cafe , and I cannot speak for the others but I had a lovely time.

The food was lovely, I had a classic burger but just look at the pancake my friend was given
and we were all drooling over the cakes

and then when we left these were outside,


These bollards clothed with knitwear have appeared all over the town, gotta love the quirky and eccentric British haven't you, makes me proud to be one.

We walked down the Old High Street, It was very windy but the Old High Street was quaint and quirky and proceeded to the harbour.

Where we found the red arrows were putting on a show for us, unfortunately my camera phone does not have a zoom, so you cannot really see the aereoplanes just their trails if you look closely enough.

We walked around the harbour up to the Sunny Sands beach.

Folkestone is a vibrant, colourful town.  I looked through some local papers and their are a lot of events coming up. The first I can see is a festival on the sea front on 22 and 23 June. Like many British Seaside towns, Folkestone has had its share of bad press and difficulties but It looks as though it is pulling itself through and attracting a more diverse crowd.  The creative quarter still has some way to go but it has made a difference and will hopefully continue to do so.  I close this post with a picture of the the majority population in Folkestone who posed rather disdainfully for me.

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