Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Long Weekend in the garden.

June 15 to June 19

I have a few days off, the weather forecast for this weekend is not good, but although Friday began on a variable note weatherwise, it slowly improved throughout the day until when I got home it was a lovely evening.  I was out all day on Saturday and Sunday and  I went to my favorite garden centre on Monday, so gardening had to be left until later in the week.

On Monday I bought some more plants to replace some that I need to dig up in the garden, namely the Ribes that has never flowered in 7 years.   I knew I should not buy it because I was not sure of the reliability of the store where I bought it. (deserved, as it turns out, although this was over 6 years ago and I think that management strategies have changed since then).

I also bought another broom, (Cystisus) in a different colour, they are such a shot of colour in late spring.  But they have a tendancy to sprawl as they get older.  I always thought that it was not advisable to cut into the old wood  of a broom, but at the garden centre they had done just this and the cut branches were beginning to sprout, so I will probably have a go and see what happens.

The perennials I bought were two Dianthus, a Corydalis,  and a Veronica.

 As a gardener I always have to plan ahead, which suits my personality completely as I like to make lists and plan things and now is the time to start thinking of next years spring bedding.  I want to grow more Bellis Perrenis (Daisy), Honesty, Cheiranthus (Wallflower), next year and I am thinking about trying some Brompton Stocks and Violas as well.

I tend to buy more winter, late spring and early summer shrubs and perennials as I sow such much from seed that the garden is quite colourful throughout mid summer to autumn anyway.

and finally pics of the weekend.

Have a lovely week everybody.

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