Sunday, 9 June 2013

Weekend in the garden 8 and 9 June

Its been a lovely week weatherwise, but it is still very windy, we have had to contend with winds blowing at 20+mph all week, which does not sound much but it feels as though it is gale force and because it is from the North East It is cold as well.  As I look out of the window I can see the trees swaying madly in the wind against an azure blue sky.

I'm still carrying on with planting, making sure the watering and feeding is kept up to date. with it being so windy, the pots dry out very quickly. I use every aid  that I can to assist with watering and feeding, crystal gel water granules and slow release fertilizer at planting, then a pinch of high potash feed every week.

I potted up some Thunbergia and planted some more of the hardy annuals.  This is the seed packet picture for the Thunbergia, wonder if the reality will live up to the the photo.

Some of the Virginian Stock I planted up a few weeks ago have started to flower.

The Peony in the front garden has just started to flower, but look at the buds on the Peony in the back garden, if the weather is kind it is going to be spectacular.  I have to stake both Peonies, because with it being so windy  they will get battered if I am not careful.

I grew these Aquiligia from seed a few years ago and I am very pleased with them.   I also grew some Lupins but they were decimated by slugs.  I am going to try again, but maybe leave them in large pots and see how they get on.

As I have said previously, I used to have an allotment but gave it up several years ago.  The fruit came home with me though and and look at the flowers on my blackberry.  It is in a large pot and will be planted into ever larger pots until it is producing enough blackberries so I have enough to eat and cook with and have enough left over to make jam.

And last but not least is this

I do like bright colours.

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