Sunday, 30 June 2013

Summer Breeze weekend 28 and 29 June 21013

Summer Breeze is the definitive summer song for me, and this weekend has been perfect summer weather in the garden.

The Philadelphus is flowering profusely, and its perfume permeates the whole of the bottom terrace.

The weather forecast was promising for this weekend, and the gods did not disappoint.  After a wet end to my working week, Saturday dawned a bit misty and murky, but the sky got bluer and bluer until it turned into a lovely day, with a little breeze and a little cloud.  Perfect for gardening.  I think that this years weather has been good for the Paeonies, the buds that were so promising developed into this.

Jobs for this weekend were:
cut back the Genista (Broom)
I usually  cut this plant back quite hard, but try not to cut into the old wood.  It is such a spectacular plant when in flower, it is worth taking the extra trouble.

Cut back Snowberry
This plant has a tendency to grow along the ground to some considerable distance, it is an unruly bush and suckers freely.  My pruning book, says to cut back up to a third every year in late winter to the base to control the size of the bush if required and to eliminate suckers, other wise cut out dead, diseased and damage wood.  I decided to ignore this advice this year and take out the majority of the growth in order to rejuvenate and tidy the plant.  This is a tough shrub so this treatment should work.  I will start again next year with more sympathetic pruning.  

Pot up the last 5 large pots that held tulips over the spring period.  I replaced the Tulips with Pelargoniums, some upright and pendula Lobelia, HHA Asters, HHA Phlox, Mignonette, Night Scented Stock, Nemesia, and Nemophilia.

As previously said, I take the tulips out of their pots over the summer and let them bake in the conservatory. I did this last year, so will do it this year as well to make sure the improved flowering was not a fluke.

Pot up my tomatoes
A bit late but better late than never.

Pot up any plants that need it.
I ended up planting some tall cornflowers in to a largish pot.

Plant my HHA Rudbekia 'Cherry Brandy'.  I had a high germination rate on these seeds, which produced strong, bushy plants.  I have put some into the garden and the rest will go into pots.

Exterminate slugs and snails!

The enemy
Favorite photos of the week:

Red Lilies, I'm not sure of the name of this one, I have had it a few years. I managed to escape the scourge of the dreaded lily beetle this year by constant surveillance, honestly its like being in 'The Bill'!  Flanked by Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw'

Nasturtium Strawberries and Cream in the terracotta pot, , Milkmaid in the green pot, and Empress of India in the concrete log.  Heuchera in the enamel pot and in the terracotta planter Bellis Perrenis (double daisies).  I think that the rose is David Austin's L D Braithwaite.  I have had it for such a long time the label has disintegrated.


  1. You have a lovely garden - with a few special plants. Peonies being my favourite. It has been a good year for them this year. Last year's rain must have did them the world of good.
    Your red rose is also a stunner, makes quite a statement!

    1. Thank you Angie. The Peonies have been spectacular this year and the rose has also been better this year than in previous years. All that rain last year must have been good for something I guess.